Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Layered, Kueh Parmesan Cheese, Coconut Milk Cheese Layered

Parmesan Cheese Cake
Special order from Yazmin Sahol Hamid
Birthday Cake for Azeem
size 8x4
Special price for Yazmin for her bday boy


Well blended with cream cheese...layered with parmesan cheese and biscuit
you can feel many flavors of cheese of it!!!!

The look


Presenting My Kek Lapis World Cup
layered with dark green n yellow colours
Well blended with almond powder, seri kaya, nestum and high quality of butter
special fill with chocolate biscuit!!!
special baked for my neighbour and mother in laws....sedekah time!!!

Kek coconut milk cheese layered with merry biscuit
two flavors of chocolate and coconut milk

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